Relaxed July 2020 Lock down Singapore: Family for Friday

Friday of July 31, 2020

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Last week of the month. A month of quarantine and social distancing. It was fun to go out on the weekends and see the neighborhood.


Joyce Back to School, Weekend Walk, Last Day, Japchae: Five for Friday

Friday of July 31, 2020

Working on the blog for this week.


Joyce 6th Birthday, Snacks, Enrolled to ESLR, Paluto Sa Sg: Five for Friday

Friday of July 24, 2020

Joyce birthday celebrated with our family, goodies, cake and party stuff. The pre-schools (PCF) don't do celebrations due to covid. Unhealthy snacks near my work station. We have enrolled Joyce in Escuela de San Lorezo Ruiz. Join Paluto sa Sg facebook group to get some cooking insights and maybe some filipino food. Log4j MDC tips in adding hash information in the logs, this is helpful for tracing and debugging. Reading chinese fantasy novels, these novels do reflect some chinese tradition and life outlook. Understanding the mindset of the second largest economy and future powerhouse.

Joyce 6th Birthday

Time is really precious specially this moments when your kids is a sweet 6...

Joyce is already 6 years old. This period is really important for us parents and as a family. This young age is when we can really influence our child for her to develop the good life habits.

Ginataan, Pringles, Beer and Side Hustles

A few snacks this week aside from the leftovers...

Taking evening snacks, checking side hustles. Last time that I created hustles related to games. Just a point is that games are really not profitable. Gaming industry is a passion with low profit. Currently I'm building systems related to free services such as free websockets, website builder and graphic editors.

Enrolled to ESLR

Attempting to enrolled Joyce in ESLR in Philippines...

We have enrolled Joyce to Escuela de San Lorezo Ruiz Facebook Official Page. We have paid for the enrollment fees and will be attending the next saturday for the zoom orientation.

Joined the Paluto Sa Sg FB Group

A facebook group dedicated to bring a food community...

I have recently join Paluto Sa SG a cooking and gourmet community. Sadly the prices are abit steep but it is really understandable. I hope they can also post low or middle ranged food.

Log4j Mapped Diagnostic Context

MDC logging in log4j...

Logging specific context for each thread is quite useful for tracing purposes.

Final Doulou and Great Ruler Chinese Novels

Power defines what is right...

This week I am reading the running series of the machine translated Final Duolou Dalu and the Great Ruler. There is a concept quite common for these type of novels is that "Strenght defines what is Right".

Crash Course: Minimum Viable Product #6

Creating a product to test the waters and the market...

Imagine if the only videos on YouTube were people looking for love. That could have been the world we lived in! Before it had 1.9 billion users per day, YouTube started as a video-based dating service, complete with the truly excellent catchphrase: “Tune in, Hook Up.”

The reason they didn’t flop is because they were willing to listen and fundamentally change their business when their original idea didn’t meet the needs of their market. They were clever observers and nimble enough to pivot.


Playground, ABS-CBN shutdown, Goodie bag, Office laptop, Secret of resilient people: Five for Friday

Friday of July 17, 2020

Dropped by a playground near rivervale mall, bought some milk tea and bread, ate ayam penyet for dinner. ABS-CBN shutdown, congress didn't approve their extension. I got a new refresh HP laptop after 5 years. Joyce goodie bags for her classmates.

Assorted Photo this Week

Jace played on a tent in the playroom...

Tested our unused tent. Wasn't able to use it due to the covid, all plans where cancelled this year.

Assorted Photo this Week

Jace played in the playground...

A few photo's of Jace in the playground and our family going there.

Lockdown and a bad hair day

I tried to cut my own hair and Kat tried to fix it...

My hair is too long and I needed to cut it on my own. It was really a bad day for a haircut luckly Kat managed to salvage the damage I have done.

ABS-CBN shutdown

Congress voted 11 to yes and 40 to no...

The top network tv station just closed down and laid-off most of its employees. The government really had the guts to do this. Philippines is really hopeless, I would advice my daughter to study somewhere and not stay in the country.

Joyce Goodie Bag

Joyce will be giving a goodie bag for her classmates...

We bought a 3d puzzle for Joyce' goodie bag on her birthday this year. No birthday celebration inside the school due to covid but the school still gave Joyce a birthday song and simple birthday greetings.

Mommy and Joyce in the lift while going to school

Going to school below our block with the birthday goodie bags.

Office Laptop Refreshed

At last a work laptop with 4 cores, an ssd and a decent memory

My work laptop have been refresh to 4 core + 4 virtual processor, 16Gb memory and a decent SSD. Now oracle products and VM can run smoothly and flawlessly. My laptop won't scream everytime mcafee runs in the background scanning all the compress files and binaries.

TED ED: 3 Secret of Resilient People

Life is full of pain and suffering it is just a matter of when...

Life is really fu*king d*mn hard for most of us. Remember this 3 things to overcome your trials and to become more resilent.

  1. It is just a matter of time, it is not why you but why not me.
  2. Think of the present and future, and things within your control moving forward. Life at the present at the same time, be forward looking. Embrace death and enjoy the time now.
  3. Know the good things you have now. Appreciate the positive stuff and immerse from it but don't drown.


Singapore Election, Snacks, Roblox, Nearby Playground, Cyclohexanes: Five for Friday

Friday of July 10, 2020

This week is Singapore's Election. What snack and stuff I cooked this week. Roblox game development, starting thing up. Joyce playing in the nearby playground. What are Cyclohexanes?

Singapore Election

This friday is Singapore Election Day...

It is election year again in Singapore, our place has PAP or WP as the running candidates. Foreigner our just spectators on this election, but we hope all the best for Singapore.

Snacks this Week

Yummy! Needs to loose weight again...

Too busy this week. Cook adobo this week. Tried big pork kimchi dumplings. Home cooked twister fries and palitaw. My wife craved for milk tea.


My daughter love Roblox...

Joyce like to play roblox and on my case, I wanted to check how to develop games on top of roblox.

Nearby Playground

Can't go too far, can only go to the nearby area...

Playground near our block.

Crash Course: Organic chemistry Cyclohexanes #7

Chemistry has always been fun, practical and mystifying...

Hexagons appear all over the natural world from honeycomb to bubbles, and they even appear in organic chemistry! In this episode of Crash Course Organic Chemistry, we're learning all about cyclohexanes, including how rings pucker to relieve strain, the boat and chair conformations, and how ring flips can switch substituents from axial to equatorial. We'll practice a lot of chair flips, but don't flip an actual chair just yet! Lots of practice is key to understanding organic chemistry's favorite manifestation of the hexagon.


Jace Birthday, Butterfly Garden Around the Block, Reusable Mask, Kids room: Five for Friday

Friday of July 03, 2020

It was Jace' 8th Birthday! Celebrated at home, Kat cooked lumpia and pancit. Order cake from 12 cupcakes. We had Nandos the next day. Walking for the first time on the nearby butterfly garden. One of my servers broke down due to a faulty aircon, never install a overhead aircon on a nearby server. We are clearing one of the rooms for kids to stay. Clearing of the room also gives us more privacy and allows us to have more security during this pandemic. The room roughly cost us $700 per month, but risking the hospitalization is much more disastrous.

Jace 8th Birthday

Celebration of good health and long life, overcoming life challenges and fears...

It is Jace's birthday food and dinner. Celebrating life for Jace good health and active life.

Butterfly Garden Around the Block

There is butterfly garden just along the TPE side...

Outdoor activity. Just a block away. No contact. No crowd.

Reusable Mask

Collected the government provided reusable face mask...

Singapore is one of the best countries in the world! It was able to implement one of the best covid measures. Everyone will be taken cared of, just follow the rules and guidelines. Severe punishment to violators and one of the most trust worthy government.

Server broke due to Dripping Aircon

This one is pretty stupid mistake a server broke due to the dripping aircon...

This is just stupid if a server broke because of a dripping centralized aircon. A few days later they plan to drop the inhouse data center and ask everyone to migrate to cloud.

Chixiong Resigned

Another teammate resigned...

The company is really one of the lowest paying company in the industry. I would say that it is already quite expected any someone would leave the company due to various reason such as pay and work diversity. The company we are working on is quite stable since most of the project are under G. Overall it is great working with Chixiong.

Lingokids: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Jace' new favorite youtube channel...

Ones in a while it is quite hard to


Father's Day, Spring Batch Migration, Kobasolo, Ixpand, What I Wanted Mostly: Five for Friday

Friday of June 26, 2020

It is father's day! Spring batch migration. Music artist kobasolo. Ixpand for transfering iphone files and photo.

Father's Day

Father's day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Work from home and with kids. Posted by my lovely wife in facebook.

Spring Batch Migration

Migrated spring batch 2.2.7 to 4.2.x

As the time of this writing my working on migrating spring batch 2.2.7 to 4.2.4 and a couple of useful refrences are linked below.

A couple of refrences in resolving your migration Latest Spring Batch Schema, Migration DDL for Oracle and Stack discussion.


Koba Solo, a music producer and musician!

Recently I have been listening to Japanese covers both for vocals and instrumentals. I landed on seeing kobasolo in youtube and the video and sounds featurd are truly amazing. This is his kobasolo facebook page and the kobasolo youtube featured list.

Sandisk Ixpand

Transfering photo and media from an iphone can be troublesome...

Bought Ixpand to easily backup and transfer iphone files. It is really easy to transfer files using ixpand, it is even more reliable that most wireless tranfer.

What I Wanted Mostly by 槇原 敬之, Makihara Noriyuki

What I Wanted Mostly...